Web Services

We pride ourselves on covering all areas relating to web sites. Not only do we build and design web sites we also offer domain names and hosting. A one stop shop for all your web site requirements.

We are a small business with considerably lower overheads than a lot of the larger web design companies and therefore our prices are most competitive. As we are a small company you can rest assure that you will be treated like an individual and will be given as much aftercare support as you require. We understand how important it is to our clients that we are available to answer their questions and queries when they should arise and will endeavour to respond as quickly as possible.

We offer three main types of web site: Non Updating, Self Updating & Ecommerce

Non Self Updating Web Sites

Ideal for web sites where the information doesn't need updating very often. The benefits of this type of web site are that they are generally cheaper than the Self Updating type of web site. This type of web site is almost 100% non hackable as there is only ever a copy of the web site on the hosting.

Self Updating Web Sites

Ideal for web sites which have ever changing information and are updated live on the server by personal login in to the back end of the site. They are ideal for those who wish to keep their content up to date without the worry of messing up the technical side of the web site. Full training and aftercare support is included in the price. We also offer at an additional cost a yearly software upgrade & management plan, which ensures that the web site software is always up to date and in turn as safe as it can be from hackers and helps to future proof the web site too.

Ecommerce (Shop) Web Sites

These are usually Self Updating. They are sites which include a shop where payments are taken for goods. All three types of payment options; Direct Bank Link, Secure Server and PayPal are available with this type of web site. Even though this type of web site is generally more expensive than non shop sites, they are still affordable and workable within a clients budget.

We firmly believe that your web site should be designed specifically to suit your needs and design tastes and therefore it can be as fancy or as plain as you desire.

Domain Names

Domain Names are offered with a choice of suffix (subject to availability) Unlike some web design companies, we register all Domain names in our clients details and do not hold any claim over them. Therefore your domain name is solely yours. (yearly renewal applies)

Domain Validation Certificates

Give confidence to those visiting your web site by having your Domain Validated each year, not currently industry required on non self updating web sites but is required on Ecommerce & self updating sites.

Web Site Hosting

Our Hosting is all UK based, which is extremely reliable and fast with 99.9% server uptime guaranteed. Even though our hosting isn't necessarily the cheapest we don't believe in compromising on quality and believe that it's important that all our clients' web sites can be accessed 24/7 without the worry of downtime due to overcrowding on servers. We understand how damaging downtime can be to the traffic a web site can generate. The most suitable hosting package for your web site will be discussed once Philippa can ascertain the size of your final web site and how much space and bandwidth your web site will require.

Email Addresses & Mail Boxes

Extra email addresses can be set up to enable your company to work as efficiently as possible. These can be set up as Email Accounts; Imap or pop3 or Forwarding Email Addresses, both are included in the price of your web site. We also offer Email Accounts using a Domain Name but with no linked web site.

If you have no idea which type of web site will suit your needs or are a complete novice where the internet and its workings are concerned, you need not worry as we are more than happy to discuss all the various options available to you in an easy to understand way.