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Some of these web sites were created 14 or more years ago, the client just wanting a presence on the web site and often not seeing the need to meet with the latest industry standards. Often these web sites haven't been altered in many years as the client's details or information hasn't changed.

Here at Philippa Green Web Design we support our clients and help them make the right financial decisions regarding their web sites. Whereas we may encourage clients to keep their web sites up to date with industry standards, for the benefits often out way the expense, it's the clients choice if they wish to keep things unchanged and we respect that.

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Aces Leisure

Alan Stammers Artist

John Wallace Jones

John McCann B.A. Consultant on Historic Buildings

M G Motors - Banham

Pasturegreen Bernese Mountain Dogs

Point Of Lay Pullets

Steve Highton Archetectural & Structural Design

Tapestry Holiday Cottage

Tunmore Leisure Ltd

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